Abrasives [noun]

Definition of Abrasives:

strong disinfectant, solvent

Synonyms of Abrasives:

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Sentence/Example of Abrasives:

Therefore Beecher had to depend wholly oh abrasives applied to the specimens with pieces of rubber.

What is more, the artificial abrasives do not injure the lungs of the operatives like sandstone.

What's more, he couldn't be sure whether he held a king's ransom in his hand or a few dollars' worth of industrial abrasives.

For the large number of abrasives produced from silica, outside of flint pebbles, domestic sources of production are ample.

Chert or flint constitutes grinding pebbles and tube-mill linings, and is also ground up for abrasives.

Alumina is the principal constituent of bauxite, the ore of aluminum, and of the natural abrasives, emery and corundum.

It is difficult to cut or drill but may be ground into shape by the new abrasives.

Bauxite is exported to Canadian makers of aluminum and abrasives.