Abridgements [noun]

Definition of Abridgements:

shortening, summary

Synonyms of Abridgements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abridgements:

Sentence/Example of Abridgements:

To which is added a Chronological abridgement of the sacred scriptures by way of dialogue.

I chanced to possess an abridgement of the "Biblia naturae," the masterly work of the father of insect anatomy.

History is to be begun with an abridgement of universal history; such as Justin, Florus, and the abridgement of Livy.

An abridgement was tried of Gibbon; but it had little success, and has never since been attempted.

The Mandan future inflection -kit -kt -t appears to be an abridgement of this.

We say an abridgement or first step, for reasons which shall afterwards be explained.

The letter is a very long one, and its abridgement even is impossible here, but few more Boswellian productions can be found.

No peculiar disease nor any abridgement of the duration of life can be ascribed to such continence.

Lycosthyne put forth a wretched abridgement of this work, which was printed by the learned Oporinus, in 4to., 1551.

Mr. Boyle, in his experiments and observations upon cold, Shaw's Abridgement, Vol.