Abridging [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Abridging:

And all such things as have been comprised in five books by Jason, of Cyrene, we have attempted to abridge in one book.

This would serve to abridge the liberty of speech guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

We shall, however, be obliged to abridge his detailed exposition in order not to enlarge our volume beyond due limits.

Teach us to love the South and be contented here by ceasing to abridge us in such extremes in common rights and citizenship.

In one place a dammed-off deviation was being excavated, evidently to abridge an impossible bend.

The failure of his attempt to abridge the liberties of the dissenters covered him with disgrace.

But the early maturity of his genius enabled the Estates to abridge in his favour the legal period of minority.

Here follows the brief Campaign that ensued, which I strive greatly to abridge.

What is intended in this affair of Luther but just to destroy our liberty and abridge your power?

During the reign of Anne, the enemies of Dissent exerted themselves to abridge their liberties.