Abridgments [noun]

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But to pursue brevity of speech, and to avoid nice declarations of things, is to be granted to him that maketh an abridgment.

Let us say that there shall be no abridgment of the offerings of so-called academic education.

The full consideration of this promise belongs rather to St. Mark's Gospel, in which it is presented without abridgment.

He who has seen the banks of Dee has seen, as in an epitome or abridgment, all that the north of Scotland has to show.

In the abridgment of his report which follows I eliminate what has already been fully demonstrated elsewhere in this book.

And so James spent the summer of 1891 in making an abridgment which appeared that autumn under the title "Briefer Course."

Pardons make a pretty large head in Brooke's Abridgment, and were undoubtedly granted without scruple by every one of our kings.

It is thus much fuller, in proportion, than any other abridgment of a dictionary.

We shall not attempt the vain task of abridgment, a few words are all we can give to the subject.

The principal work of Epiphanius is the Panarion, or treatise on heresies, of which he also wrote an abridgment.