Abrogates [verb]

Definition of Abrogates:

formally put an end to

Synonyms of Abrogates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abrogates:

Sentence/Example of Abrogates:

It was not necessary to abolish all, but inevitable to abrogate much that was looked upon as obligatory.

Why should the ruling classes seek to abrogate the treaties and defy foreign powers?

Again interpretative ordinances were called in to abrogate a portion of the law itself.

Why should a close relationship abrogate respectful courtesy?

I know that the moderns being ashamed of it, wish to abrogate it, and to throw it off from themselves upon the early heretics.

Edward the First contrived to abrogate the law, so far as Scotland was concerned, a hundred years later.

Afterwards Noah seeks to abrogate the blessing of God by his "cursed be Canaan."

Legislatures are as powerless to abrogate moral and economic laws as they are to abrogate physical laws.

Not at all; he is preparing to change these laws and to abrogate a certain number of them.

The commercial convention of 1815 was renewed indefinitely, each party being at liberty to abrogate it at twelve months' notice.