Abrogating [verb]

Definition of Abrogating:

formally put an end to

Synonyms of Abrogating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abrogating:

Sentence/Example of Abrogating:

Instead of abrogating the treaties, they aimed, by evasions and restrictions, to render nugatory many of their stipulations.

We must not even accept the evidence of miracles in favor of a new law abrogating the old.

The question does not turn on the treaty-making power, but on the treaty-abrogating power.

Nothing express appears in the Constitution with regard to the treaty-abrogating power.

Andros had landed at Boston, commissioned as governor of all New England, and bent on abrogating the charters.

Although the Americans are constantly modifying or abrogating some of their laws, they by no means display revolutionary passions.

Things were not as yet sufficiently matured for abrogating the law of Moses: too great changes alarm mankind.

At his return from exile all his advisers were in favour of abrogating all the concessions of the first years of his reign.

Abrogating the treaty with the Confederate States, and calling a general convention of the people to approve the act.

It injures both the present and the future, by abrogating their mutual connection.