Abrogations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abrogations:

He thought that the temporary abrogation of a popular form of government was by no means desirable.

The French could not work this treaty, and for long would not consent to its abrogation, and the fact tied British hands.

But that portion of the doctrine which proclaims the abrogation of death and of sin, is affirmed with redoubled emphasis.

Thus began the agitation which led to the abrogation of the Missouri Compromise.

The abrogation of religious liberty was, therefore, not merely advisable, but absolutely necessary.

Succeeding the hero ideal, as its abrogation and at the same time its consummation, is the ideal of humanity.

Rome has never ceased to protest against them, and to demand their abrogation or modification.

He accordingly demanded from his Ministers their consent to the abrogation of that law.

It will be observed that the vote of the opponents of the rule was precisely the same on its adoption as on its abrogation.

If this is not the abrogation of a treaty, I do not see what can be.