Abruptness [noun]

Definition of Abruptness:

slant, tilt

Synonyms of Abruptness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abruptness:

Sentence/Example of Abruptness:

What’s more, halfway through the season, Bridgerton upends the entire idea that it’s an alternate history with an abrupt, disconnected scene, in which we realize that Charlotte is not the solo reigning British monarch.

Ma’s abrupt disappearance from the TV show has drawn scrutiny because it came days after he delivered a now infamous speech to the Bund Summit in Shanghai.

After the last ice age, human colonization of Greenland surged with a period of warming only to sharply contract again during a period of abrupt cooling.

The abrupt resolution upends the investigation on which she had spent nearly a decade.

The move, announced by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday, is an abrupt change from a previous plan that forced the entire school system to close just 10 days ago.

The shift of money from shares that proved popular during the summer is massive and abrupt.

Though the abruptness of his conduct startled me, I could not but regard him with some admiration.

Charley's words were verified, and Ida blamed herself severely for her cruel abruptness.

Climbing out of the train Stanton stood for a second rubbing his eyes at the final abruptness and unreality of it all.

We must remember the unexampled abruptness of the Arabian revolution.