Abscesses [noun]

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Rapport, who took the lovers part, had been kept awake all night by an abscess on his finger, and was nearly fainting.

If he has opened his abscess with a bronze lancet and has made him lose his eye, he shall pay money, half his price.

The king can be saved by injecting through the ear a remedy which will draw the contents of the abscess through that passage.

The bulging of the canvas became larger, and was still increasing, like a frightful abscess ready to burst.

The maddest boil, unless it kill you with its torments, does at length burst, and become an abscess.

From furuncle, abscess, and sebaceous, fatty and fibroid tumors.

Abscess, ab′ses, n. a collection of purulent matter within some tissue of the body.

He was told that an abscess was forming on the knee joint, and he could hope for no relief until it would burst.

Finally the abscess burst, and the discharge from it saturated the bed and ran down upon the floor.

Ordered a large flaxseed poultice applied, expecting an abscess would form at this place.