Absconder [noun]

Definition of Absconder:

person who escapes

Synonyms of Absconder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absconder:


Sentence/Example of Absconder:

He was sent to Rio de Janeiro to bring back an absconder of note.

And to travel without a passport was to run the risk of being arrested as an absconder.

The first Stockbridge case had been in connection with an absconder.

The absconder is often too inarticulate and ill at ease to give a clear picture of what was in his mind when he went away.

The first absconder was one Juma, who deserted with half a hundredweight of biscuit that night.

He was still on the absconder's trail, though as yet it had not led him very far.

The law would claim him as an absconder, and would mete out to him such punishment as was fitting.