Absented [verb]

Definition of Absented:

leave, retreat

Opposite/Antonyms of Absented:

Sentence/Example of Absented:

When he became easier, he asked me why I had absented myself from home so long, and where I had been.

As for the marquis, he prudently absented himself, awaiting the propitious moment.

Many a hunter has absented himself for days and nights from his camp in pursuit of this knowledge.

Val absented herself long enough, looking for Bunsen, to adapt Ethan's letter for a grandmother's ears.

Her guests were sitting in the drawing-room; one or two looked at her strangely, because she had absented herself.

The proofs of his connection with the police were very soon obtained, and Herr Hirsch, from that time, absented himself.

They and the vicars frequented taverns, walked about the nave during service, and absented themselves without leave.

Hence perhaps it was, that I now absented myself more and more from him in the adjoining room in which I slept.

He saw by her manner when he absented himself that she was hurt and that she knew he was growing cold.

He must have absented himself from Boston soon after that occurrence, as he did not go with the other consignees to the castle.