Absenteeisms [noun]

Definition of Absenteeisms:

state of not being present

Synonyms of Absenteeisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absenteeisms:

Sentence/Example of Absenteeisms:

This, or else a tactful absenteeism, became their custom whenever licencing matters came up to be discussed.

Yet there were many sources of weakness in the scheme of government—divided authority, absenteeism, personal unfitness.

Absenteeism is no new complaint; Adam Smith discussed proposals for an absentee-tax.

No men profess to lament absenteeism more than the priests and agitators.

But in truth there is very little work to be had; for the curse of absenteeism sits heavily on the West.

Absenteeism has been a great evil, though the estates of some absentees have been notably well managed.

To Ireland belongs, among its other misfortunes, the credit of having Absenteeism.

During the same period worktime losses from absenteeism amounted to about 12 million man-hours.

Those who oppose the Westminster policy are mostly in English prisons; absenteeism is treason felony.

He divided the responsibility for them between the untractableness of the agent, and the absenteeism of the owner.