Absentees [noun]

Definition of Absentees:

person who escapes

Synonyms of Absentees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absentees:


Sentence/Example of Absentees:

All persons who have been or are absentees from the United States for the purpose of aiding the rebellion.

He will also count the number of scholars and teachers present, enter it in the minute-book, and note the absentees.

The dean is the presiding officer in chapel: his business is to pull up the absentees—no sinecure, it is said.

Three million eight hundred thousand remained as caretakers and to pay the bills of the absentees.

She aids us at all times by the money that her absentees spend amongst us; which is no small part of the rental of that kingdom.

Up to the moment of leaving, I cherished the hope that some of the absentees would appear, but that was not to be.

Another half-hour passed, and still the absentees failed to make their appearance.

Their first question on getting in was: 'Are you absentees?'

"We shall have to work like blacks to make up for the absentees," groaned Tony.

The early days of September had arrived, but Paris was still a city of absentees.