Absenting [verb]

Definition of Absenting:

leave, retreat

Opposite/Antonyms of Absenting:

Sentence/Example of Absenting:

The discovery that my wife has been absenting herself from home for days at a time naturally aroused my suspicions.

He boasted of having himself already shown his independence by absenting himself from the new emperor's coronation.

"In absenting myself from the house, I did but obey the command laid on me by the queen's grace," said Father Anselm.

But when it had gone and another day dawned without Haydon coming to see her, she felt that he was deliberately absenting himself.

Fifty years ago hardly any one thought of absenting himself or herself from public worship.

You are going to desolate us, Jacintito, by absenting yourself?

Then little Joe Gander took to absenting himself from school.

But St. John's absenting himself from our solemn revels, so long before decreed, is flat mutiny and disclamation of allegiance.

Now it seems I am disobeying regulations by absenting myself from my post of duty without leave.

Sir Richard Saltonstall was fined four bushels of malt for absenting himself from the meeting.