Absentminded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Absentminded:

You must know that I am deucedly absentminded, and positively lost without my glass.

When you turn suddenly absentminded and mysterious I always feel like saying: 'Come back.

They govern the nation, it is true, but they do it in a rather absentminded fashion.

The young man recovered himself from his absentminded stare in the direction Grace had taken, with a frank laugh.

How did absentminded beggar's concluding testimonial conclude?

I'm not jealous, I assure you; but the burned child shouldn't grow absentminded.

He gave her an absentminded squeezing of the hand nearest him by way of answer without lifting his eyes from his book.

Should have remembered to bring a flashlight, but he was old and absentminded, and there was no one to remind him.

This too he seemed to give profound yet (if such a thing may be) absentminded attention.

It was with an absentminded nod that he acquiesced in the man's announcement that he might arrange about the boat for him.