Absolutenesses [noun]

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Apart from India, the highest absolute numbers of disaster displacements in 2018 took place in the Philippines, China, and the United States, according to the latest World Migration Report.

It was so downright conspiratorial that one might suspect, as Einstein did, that absolute space simply didn’t exist.

By the end of 1930, Austrian-born theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli was at the height of his achievements, yet an absolute emotional wreck.

So while we can't say the AirPods are the absolute best true wireless earbuds on the market, this is a good deal for Apple users who've understandably had their eye on them.

Inside Hall F, election workers continued to extract, flatten, sort and scan mail-in ballots 24 hours a day while the City Commission’s live stream captured the absolute glory of it all.

Li, of Greenpeace China, says the government needs to set a “much higher” target for renewable energy use and an absolute carbon- reduction target.

Having this scenario will really help you think hard about what you might need to do if the absolute worst case takes place.

My commitment remains that the absolute vast majority, if not the totality of the profits, royalties, would go towards organizations dedicated to holding governments accountable.

In designing the truck, General Motors leveraged the performance advantages offered by electric motors and set out to design “an absolute off-road beast,” according to the engineer.

Superconductivity could be the key to groundbreaking new technologies in energy, computing, and transportation, but so far it only occurs in materials chilled close to absolute zero.