Absolutes [noun]

Definition of Absolutes:

greatest extent

Opposite/Antonyms of Absolutes:

Sentence/Example of Absolutes:

So by its very nature it belongs to the class of the absolutes.

Old world and New world are not mere relatives; they are as near absolutes as anything.

The adverb will then sink to the estate of a mere inflectional particle, as one has done in the absolutes of the thisn-group.

The essences, or absolutes of these ideas, necessarily dispel their opposites which belong with evil, disorder and discord.

Here was a man whose life had been a search for certainties, absolutes that would not shift under the weight of his questioning.

Whosen is obviously the offspring of the other absolutes in n.

No breath from the class-rooms agitated by Einstein can shake his faith in these absolutes.

An absolute cause must be one in order to be absolute; two absolutes is a contradiction.

I didn't go to the door with him; I scarcely looked up from Boy's ablative absolutes.

As we have seen, he dealt in absolutes: either power was given to an unlimited extent or it was withheld altogether.