Absolutions [noun]

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“Well, mistakes is humant,” sighed Sol, taking advantage of that universal absolution.

In the course of time, absolution for the sacrilege was obtained from the Pope; but my father could never obtain it from himself.

The friars had power of absolution, independently of the bishop; and it was a bitter grievance.

During the night he was visited by the Prior of the Dominicans, from whom, having made confession, he received absolution.

But the terms of this secret and the conditions of my absolution are peculiar.

He said: "The Church forbids sin, and penitents when they receive Absolution undertake to avoid the occasions of sin."

It seemed to him to be an insult to the human understanding that any man, even a pope, should grant an absolution for crime.

The absolution of the wicked priest is as effectual as if he were himself a saint; otherwise,—God help the poor penitent!

His sense of right was too just to mislead him into giving himself similar absolution with respect to Camilla.

Absolv′er, one who gives absolution or acquits; Absolv′itor, a decision favourable to a defender.