Absolutisms [noun]

Definition of Absolutisms:

absolute control by government

Synonyms of Absolutisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absolutisms:

Sentence/Example of Absolutisms:

Additional foundational principles of militia constitutionalism include absolutism.

The patriotism of the Japanese is blind and unswerving loyalty to what is practically an absolutism.

The King wished to save them, for he knew that they were the best supporters of the throne of absolutism.

Having felt God, God became for him a necessity: more so even, an essential—an absolutism which banished all else from his mind.

When the royalist gentry went down before Cromwell's Ironsides, absolutism received its death-wound.

The history of English Absolutism distinctly bears out these anticipations.

They were happier, these poor people, when the nobles and the bishops tempered the absolutism of the king.

But the principles of absolutism, and not those of a regulated liberty, were to rule in Louisiana.

Again, Turgot did nothing to redeem it by personal conciliatoriness in carrying out the designs of a benevolent absolutism.

He must have had some experience with the absolutism of both good and evil.