Absolutists [noun]

Definition of Absolutists:

domineering person

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Sentence/Example of Absolutists:

It is probably this last notion that, consciously or unconsciously, weighs most in the psychology of the Absolutists creed.

Both thinkers are absolutists in principle, though Hobbes gives to a monarch the power which Bentham gives to a democracy.

The focus of the constitutional movement, she was savagely assailed by the Absolutists and their French allies.

They were fighting for unconditional restoration, and both as invaders and as absolutists the king was their accomplice.

Jesuits and absolutists were once more masters, and reaction again alternated with conspiracy, risings, desperate carbonari plots.

One was the Carlists, supporters of the claims of Don Carlos and, in respect to political principle, avowed absolutists.

But his brother Carlos was the adored of the Absolutists, and a plot was made to compel Ferdinand to abdicate in his favor.

It seems therefore poor tactics for absolutists to make little of this advantage.

Beloff was sent to the east, and Antonovsky to the south, and the Absolutists became broken up.

A plot has been discovered among the aristocratic party of Piedmont, to deliver the country into the hands of the Absolutists.