Absolving [verb]

Definition of Absolving:

free from responsibility, duty

Synonyms of Absolving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absolving:

Sentence/Example of Absolving:

I’m not proposing to tell you the magical policy that will fix this, or to judge what the platforms would have to do to absolve themselves of this responsibility.

When you’re ludicrously late to school or work, or when you miss your brother’s wedding, all you need is to invoke me, traffic, and your fellow Californians will absolve you of your tardiness.

And yet, how is it possible to absolve her for her inexplicable behaviour to me?

"Your word was given to me, and I absolve you from it," she said.

I cannot yet absolve you from your promise since my own actions in Austria have been far from conventional.

Can you pretend an excuse now may absolve you, Or any thing like honest, to bring you off?

Decide to do one or the other quickly: to punish, or to absolve.

He firmly believes that the changing conditions themselves absolve him.

He evidently felt that he ought to defend his own sagacity and absolve himself from mariner's culpability.

But if, or when, such a monument is erected, it will absolve no one of the duty of making a pilgrimage to Concord.