Absorbers [noun]

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The heat-absorber system is attached to rings soldered to the ceiling at different points.

The pressure of the compressed air holds the elevator in this position while the hooks are being adjusted on the absorber.

The weighing can then be made as the absorber is swinging freely in the air.

For the various parts of the absorber system we have relied upon the original type of couplings used in the earlier apparatus.

There is, then, no correction necessary for the rejection of air with the changes in the absorber system.

After the testing, the last sulphuric-acid absorber is coupled to the sodium-bicarbonate can.

But Betty thought that she would not enjoy being a shock absorber and felt none too comfortable.

I need you as a shock absorber, said Lucia in a low tone, a half smile twisting her lips, and Betty made a low response.

The blind adult soon realizes that "humor is a shock absorber," and that "mirth is the soul's best medicine."

Air and breath each absorb certain things, and are, therefore, designated by the same term 'absorber.'