Absorptions [noun]

Definition of Absorptions:

assimilation, incorporation

Synonyms of Absorptions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absorptions:

Sentence/Example of Absorptions:

Additionally, the outer segments can fold independently to use the isolation shield in tighter spaces or when more sound absorption is required.

The Halo from Aston Microphones is specifically engineered with ridges to maximize surface area and consequently provide the maximum sound absorption possible in this portable form factor.

Simulated stones were constructed to minimize sound absorption, much like actual stones at Stonehenge, Cox says.

Applying the model to the sunlight available where those bacteria live, the researchers predicted what the optimal absorption peaks should be.

The model’s predictions matched the absorption peaks of chlorophyll a and b, which green plants use to harvest red and blue light.

Tests are of value in recognizing poisoning from ingestion and in detecting absorption from carbolized dressings.

It is a blind act of unconscious absorption, however little be absorbed.

It all charmed him inexpressibly, so that he realised—yes, in a sense—the degradation of his twenty years' absorption in business.

A simple experiment of Boussingault's illustrates this absorption very strikingly.

In the flowers, both by day and night, there is a constant absorption of oxygen, and evolution of carbonic acid.