Absorptive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Absorptive:

The cause of this absorptive power is still very imperfectly known.

Considering epithelium from the point of view of function, it may be classified as protective, absorptive or secretory.

Thus, hydrogen by its absorptive action produces four of the bright lines.

Heat raises the absorptive power of the fibres and so aids the passage of water from the interior of the cells.

Why should we find it more difficult to conceive of a tremendous and infinite absorptive element?

A metal canister in which was contained the absorptive neutralizing chemicals.

Here again in respect to its absorptive power for ammonia, peat comes to our aid.

By the absorptive power of a soil is meant its capacity for drinking in any water with which its particles may come in contact.

The finer the soil-particles, it may be said generally, the greater is the absorptive power of the soil.

The second quality in a soil on which its absorptive power depends is the fineness of its particles.