Abstains [verb]

Definition of Abstains:

hold back from doing

Synonyms of Abstains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abstains:

Sentence/Example of Abstains:

That is, unless Democrats are feeling charitable and agree to abstain from voting.

It is not the right of any one, according to his pleasure, to abstain from entering into Covenant with God.

Let it be put forth in leading to abstain from countenancing an evil constitution, and to raise above the fear of consequences.

So the campers obtained fresh meat, and all were very glad to abstain awhile from bacon.

It is therefore obligatory upon us to abstain as far as possible from referring to expressions that are calculated to alarm.

In concluding this notice of Roe, I cannot refrain from expressing a hope that gentlemen will abstain from the use of it.

And so, whether from choice or from necessity, he stood in the letter by his promise to abstain from republican agitation.

Let them bind her commerce and restrict her manufactures, but abstain from demanding money without the consent of her people.

That wool might not be wanting, they entered into resolutions to abstain from eating lambs.

Zoroaster had done this, long before: "Whenever thou art in doubt as to whether an action is good or bad, abstain from it."