Abstemiously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Abstemiously:

Stimulants and narcotics never act so quickly upon persons accustomed to use spirits freely as upon those who live abstemiously.

Of the three, he drank the most freely; Arundel moderately, and the knight almost abstemiously.

Gilmore had quitted the McBride cottage some three hours before, and in the interim had breakfasted well and napped abstemiously.

At present I live very abstemiously, and scarcely ever touch wine.

He ate on, rapidly but abstemiously, and finished before Mr. Bylash, who had had twenty minutes' start of him.

He had lunched abstemiously, as was his wont, but daintily, as was Mrs. Fricker's business.

But I do seriously advise delicate girls to live rather abstemiously and on light, easily digested dishes during the hot weather.

If he is one who can surrender his appetites and live abstemiously, a cure may be promised.

They had also a small bottle of wine, which they sipped abstemiously as an excuse to remain after their food had been eaten.

If one exercises thus freely and eats abstemiously he ought not to lay on fat.