Abstemiousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abstemiousness:

He retained his powers by great abstemiousness, living chiefly on figs, honey, and bread.

Careless to abstemiousness in her daily habits, it was part of her pride to set a feast before such of her guests as cared for it.

In self-examination temperance or abstemiousness plays an important rle.

We mean rather a more stringent abstemiousness, which may be called separation from the world, or asceticism.

I feel that my abstemiousness, implying as it does a jaded palate and an aristocratic indigestion, is highly fashionable.

My confounded abstemiousness is therefore to blame, that I can no longer enjoy a place at the best table in all Egypt.

Who Knows but this man, with all his corporeal size and large mouth, may turn out a perfect example of abstemiousness?

He complained grievously of my abstemiousness, which for divers reasons I thought it prudent to observe.

Fathers, be mild, but firm in training your sons into habits of sobriety, temperance and abstemiousness from all bad habits.

The story has considerable biographical value, as an example of Shelleys alternate abstemiousness and self-indulgence in food.