Abstentions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abstentions:

But M. Nicklauss, with his great experience of the world, deemed this almost general abstention of the fair sex unnatural.

He has not been there since, and the following pages will perhaps explain the reason of his abstention.

The abstention of a single sense from the coupling is enough to enfeeble the pleasure very greatly.

A total abstainer is one who abstains from everything but abstention, and especially from inactivity in the affairs of others.

If he were not going to build on the ground so carefully prepared, to what end this wariness and this abstention?

Abstention from voting is to be treated as a vote against the proposal under discussion.

The common mistake is in bathing before breakfast, when the system is at a low ebb, owing to the long abstention from food.

Abstention from labour is not only a honorific or meritorious act, but it presently comes to be a requisite of decency.

To attain this end, neither an exhaustive investigation of facts nor a conscientious abstention from fiction was necessary.

Their pride and their timidity assured me of their abstention.