Abstinences [noun]

Definition of Abstinences:

restraint from desires, especially physical desires

Synonyms of Abstinences:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abstinences:

Sentence/Example of Abstinences:

Although the book contains some decidedly pre-coronavirus guidance — think advice on parties and bars — it’s at its strongest when talking about the inside game of abstinence.

Public health experts often advocate a harm reduction approach for behaviors where abstinence is not feasible – it’s a way to minimize but not eliminate risk.

“Abstinence has its drawbacks,” he said, shivering in the bitter wind which whirled the stinging smoke about them.

I—perhaps— His hand closed over her fingers with the nervous tension that these last days of abstinence had brought him.

Cooked in the ashes, it makes a palatable but tough cake, which we enjoyed after our long abstinence from bread.

It is abstinence from evil quite as much as eager realization of good.

Convalescence from a severe sickness is a just cause for sexual abstinence.

So it was his prime pleasure and glory that he thus denied himself, though not with total abstinence, for he played occasionally.

The injunction respecting her own abstinence was no arbitrary requirement, but was founded in nature and reason.

Before interrogating the oracles they must be purified by abstinence, prayer, and sacrifice.