Abstractions [noun]

Definition of Abstractions:

state of being lost in thought

Synonyms of Abstractions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abstractions:

Sentence/Example of Abstractions:

Flattening the curve became an abstraction with no real meaning.

A thoughtful return to contextual advertising means that the industry will need to consider the whole person, rather than a collection of abstractions.

In other words, their understanding doesn’t rely on the kind of abstraction of the world that text provides.

This is a great book if you are looking for something with a little bit of abstraction and a lot of access to animals you won’t find out and about.

It suggests the model is actually capable of a certain level of abstraction, a fundamental skill for understanding the world.

Anemia in these cases is probably due both to toxins and to abstraction of blood.

Recovering from his fit of abstraction, Pyne, casting a final keen glance at the sleeper, walked out of the room.

Never affect a foolish reserve in a mixed company, keeping aloof from others as if in a state of mental abstraction.

In their abstraction they had taken the long way home, instead of cutting directly across the ranch in the direction of the house.

But in this abstraction from all outward things, his worldly affairs went ever lower down.