Abstrusenesses [noun]

Definition of Abstrusenesses:

puzzle, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Abstrusenesses:

Sentence/Example of Abstrusenesses:

It was true that she had it upside down; but, as he remarked, that only added to the abstruseness of the subject.

He further impressed his contemporaries by his psychological profundity and abstruseness.

Abstruseness in expression is very frequently regarded as an indication of profundity.

And the important fact is that this abstruseness is not verbal, any more than it is the abstruseness of fog and cloud.

But abstruseness is a quality appertaining to no subject per se.

It is the abstruseness of the proposition which stimulates research—which stirs profoundly the brain of the thinking world.

Hence the unaccountable mixture of seeming simplicity and real abstruseness in the Lyrical Ballads.

The most wrinkled Æson of an abstruseness leaps rosy out of his bubbling genius.