Absurdness [noun]

Definition of Absurdness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Absurdness:


Sentence/Example of Absurdness:

Fields finished with as many touchdown passes as incompletions, which is absurd.

They will always be victims of their own success, burdened with having to play up to an absurd standard.

We’re so far into this pandemic now that it’s easy to forget just how absurd the notion of a mask broker truly is.

Like the promise of pure Egyptian cotton, it is easy for companies to inflate their thread count to an absurd number.

It’s absurd that the Forest Service is opening more lands to logging before they restore all of the streams that have already been degraded by the timber industry.

In 1971, the notion of women’s equality was absurd to most people.

The Key to the Brontë Works shows the absurdness of such a claim.