Abused [verb]

Definition of Abused:

physically hurt or injure

Synonyms of Abused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abused:

Sentence/Example of Abused:

But he was quite right in carping at her, for fortune, like other fickle jades, is more likely to be true if steadily abused.

In brief, Chumru abused the English with such an air that he was regarded by the rebels as quite an acquisition.

Parr was an arrogant old coxcomb, who abused the respectful kindness he received, and took his pipe into drawing-rooms.

In previous pages I have spoken of the manner in which the railways of Ireland had long been abused.

They abused the young men indecently: and the children fell under the wood.

The privilege of the Commons with respect to money bills had of late been grossly abused.

Time passed on—days, weeks, and even months, came and went—but Mike did not "pay off" the boy who had so unjustly abused him.

He abused the confidence and liberality of the emperor, Henry V, by raising a conspiracy, for which he was imprisoned.

My waggoner always wanted every one to give him the road; if they did not do so, he abused them.

So the French family abused the privilege; a number of Parisians climbed on the footboards and hung there without being disturbed.