Abuses [noun]

Definition of Abuses:

wrong use

Synonyms of Abuses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abuses:

Sentence/Example of Abuses:

When it paused the service earlier this year, the company said it was investigating reports of abuse, especially from malware groups.

Regular testing can help the department identify officers with substance abuse issues as well.

She said the lead agency into the woman’s allegations is now the Justice Department’s Inspector General, which oversees accusations of civil rights abuses.

What I do know from the research that’s out there on abuse and abusers is that there’s a range of, I’d say of levels of denial that they are in … but I haven’t done any interviews.

In 2018, for example, Facebook was slow to act on misinformation spreading in Myanmar that ultimately led to human rights abuses.

Part of what’s driving this increased interest in unions is the abuse of data and privacy by tech giants.

Meanwhile, House Democrats released a preliminary report last week that found over $1 billion in funds went to companies with multiple loans, writing the program had a “high risk for fraud, waste, and abuse.”

When she was a teenager, Hilton says, she spent 11 months at Provo Canyon School, a “behavior modification school,” where she says she suffered emotional and physical abuse.

Mary Spector, who directs the civil and consumer law clinic at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law, said that suing a debtor with no intention of litigating the case is an abuse of the legal system.

Quaint old Burton in his "Anatomy of Melancholy," recognizes the virtues of the plant while he anathematizes its abuse.