Abutted [verb]

Definition of Abutted:

touch or be next to something

Synonyms of Abutted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abutted:


Sentence/Example of Abutted:

The fifth arch abutted on an island which was long, narrow, and in the form of a boat, like all river islands.

The passage itself abutted in Dea Flavia's house on one of the small rooms that lay round the triclinium.

As he said this we were passing a house the long whitewashed front of which abutted glimmering on the road.

His troop drew up in a wide street which abutted on the market-place, at one end of the town-house.

The west front of St. Andr never was developed, as the church abutted there on the ancient ramparts.

It was formerly the great Croft, belonging to the Castle, on the outer ditch of which it is supposed to have abutted.

The house against which the south side of this gate abutted still stands, and part of the lower walls of the building can be seen.

They put him on a stretcher and carried him out into the country where that luscious creature "abounded and abutted."

Here and there blackened, fire-scorched patches abutted upon its northern flank, stumps of great trees smoldering, crackling yet.

“From the shadow of this wall, I think,” said I, as we emerged upon a road on which a wall abutted.