Abutting [verb]

Definition of Abutting:

touch or be next to something

Synonyms of Abutting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abutting:


Sentence/Example of Abutting:

The main area abuts another 3,000 acres of guided-only, out-of-bounds terrain.

In 1827, a little school was opened in a building at the corner of Gildow-street, abutting upon Marsh-lane, in this town.

Lacking concrete, he'd constructed a roofless stone hut abutting the barn to serve as his manure shed.

All the abutting joints were carefully executed by machinery, the fitting being of the most perfect kind.

These courses formed a kind of inverted vault, abutting, at its edges, upon 214the rock.

The huge barrier of the Malan range, abutting direct on the sea, stopped 162 his way.

It is a circus, surrounded by tiers of seats and abutting on the city ramparts.

I remember vividly one or two large houses abutting on a little court.

All over France churches are to be found abutting on the ancient ramparts of towns.

The window marked by Vertue belonged to a small building abutting from the north side of the present Banqueting House.