Abysms [noun]

Definition of Abysms:

deep hole

Synonyms of Abysms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abysms:


Sentence/Example of Abysms:

The sylph-like ease with which the Countess floated over this foul abysm was miraculous.

I believe that the hour comes when the knell of kings is to peal; that an evil genius pushes monarchy unto the abysm.

But they had moments of fearful suspense as they sank slowly down into the black abysm.

The novelists indeed can show that the beginning of their history is lost in the abysm of time.

The low gurgling of the wonder-working stream might be heard issuing from the depths of the dark abysm.

For Knowledge is the swallow on the lake That sees and stirs the surface-shadow there But never yet hath dipt into the abysm.

"His death shall become a tradition," added Abysm, the favourite of Marsillus.

At every step I seemed to be plunging down into some dark abysm of shadows below shadows.

I've been exploring the dark backwards and abysm of the Bronx—afoot.

The flooring of these colossal garrets has crevices in it through which one can look down into the abysm, the church, below.