Abysses [noun]

Definition of Abysses:

something very deep, usually a feature of land

Synonyms of Abysses:











Opposite/Antonyms of Abysses:


Sentence/Example of Abysses:

Doolittle, for example, is just one of many veteran relievers floating through this offseason abyss.

Out of the abyss of the primary came Darrell Issa, who served for nine terms in Congress in the neighboring 49th Congressional District.

In this age of advanced gene technology, the true abyss of renunciation from which we speak ā€œIā€ is only now becoming obvious to us.

Big names use their longevity, time-tested popularity, and a fat purse to create a monopoly and call the market shot ā€” and having earned proprietary eponyms, they push low-budget upcoming competitors into the abyss.

He sees no longer the brink of the abyss beside which the path of progress picks its painful way.

In the abyss of her heart, too deep at first for recognition, the girl loved him, and had loved him from the very beginning.

The path leading to it is over a small ledge of rock, skirted on each side by a yawning abyss.

The poor, tearful desire lays a pale hand on reason's lips and gazes wistfully into the mysterious abyss of the Great Silence.

She points to her pinions stretched over the abyss of primeval fire, her eyes blinded by its awful glare, and remains silent.

Thou whose great hand hideth the precipice And concealeth the abyss from those who walk in sleep,Have pity on my long misery!