Academes [noun]

Definition of Academes:

scholarly world

Synonyms of Academes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Academes:


Sentence/Example of Academes:

And now if you're to be congratulated before I go back to the groves of Academe pray bestir yourself.

At all events, there is sufficient groundwork for any quantity of euphuism about "classic shades," "groves of Academe," et cetera.

There are the dark groves of Academe, a place of rest in a bare land.

He was in his mid-twenties, young and slick, his only nod to academe a small goatee.

It was Billy who spoke, as his eyes first rested upon that eminent pinnacle of Academe.

Athens revives the Academe and reinstates the Olympic games under a literary avatar.

"The Grove of Academe," replied Abbey, and the eyes of the artist and his wife were riveted on the editor.

The spirit that of old had hallowed the shades of Academe presided over these gatherings.

After all superficial contrasts have been exhausted, she may still claim the patronage of the philosopher of Academe.

They seemed to come from no place nearer than the Athenian Academe.