Academias [noun]

Definition of Academias:

scholarly world

Synonyms of Academias:

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Sentence/Example of Academias:

As much as I’m still skeptical about how Link compares to state-of-the-art neural probes developed in academia, I’m impressed by how much a relatively small leadership team has accomplished in just the past year.

In the spring of 2016, Hong sought to return to academia, but the agency asked him to stay.

The “social cost of carbon” is a concept virtually unknown outside of academia and federal agencies.

I’m no longer in academia, but my original three questions about brain aging—and its reversal—remain.

I’d like to think it means that these are people who will listen to advisers — whether within government, civil service, academia — but that they also know how to make important decisions and they have a familiarity with history.

Between you both, there will be quite an Academia at Kilronan.

Missing your chance at the Hof-theatre, you can rush off to the old Academia to take the same chances.

If the Academia fails you there is still the Kiosk in the Maximilianplatz.

This was the situation of the place called Academia, which stood at the distance of a few furlongs from Athens.

Hornius says, Academia a Cadmo nomen accepit, non ab Ecademo.