Academicians [noun]

Definition of Academicians:

very smart person

Synonyms of Academicians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Academicians:

Sentence/Example of Academicians:

Here the pantry imitated the parlor, for the academician's mistress was the great lady herself.

With our illustrious academician's leave, this is by no means the state of the question.

I very much admire your efforts that way; you are our only academician.

There was only one Academician who could be found to give a vote for Harlow.

They unanimously elected me an Academician, and I have received the diploma.

She before him was an uneducated laundress, and he was a sculptor and a Royal Academician, with a fortune and a reputation.

A Royal Academician is a person who doesn't think and paints what other people see.

As art was the last thing looked for on the walls, so the artist was the last thing looked for in the Academician.

For this sort of art school Whistler had no toleration—its product is the amateur or Academician.

None certainly that ever was painted by the pencil of the sunbeam, or by the brush of a Royal Academician.