Academics [noun]

Definition of Academics:

scholar or university/college teacher

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Sentence/Example of Academics:

Tully, in his "Academics," introduces Varro himself giving us some light concerning the scope and design of those works.

They mean the realities of liberty and not the academics of theory.

If the sophisms of Pyrrho and of the Academics are what annoys (troubles), we must apply the remedy to them.

Margaret was the younger, somewhat delicate daughter of a family of rather strident academics.

I noticed this wound very briefly and it was a matter of academics as to how he sustained the wound.

Cicero highly commends his works and admits his own debt in the Academics to the treatise Περὶ ἐποχῆς.

But the Academics did not draw from their scepticism, as Pyrrho had done, the full logical conclusion as regards action.

If the Stoics dogmatically asserted, the Academics equally dogmatically denied.

For some time the battle was fought chiefly between the 'academics' of Leipzig and the 'revolutionists' of Weimar.

As much, said Epistemon, is related of the daemon of Socrates, so celebrated among the Academics.