Acceded [verb]

Definition of Acceded:

agree or consent

Synonyms of Acceded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acceded:

Sentence/Example of Acceded:

A Church Covenants, believing that she sees the truth in part, and is disposed to accede to it.

Moselekatse would not accede to the idea of him going alone, and finally the king himself determined to accompany him.

Belgium, however, now refused to accede to the arrangement, by resolving not to cede Luxembourg.

He received the message, but did not, for reasons best known to himself, see fit to accede to the request.

Should he accede to Ferdinand's desire, formally communicated in a letter sent by Escoiquiz on October twelfth?

But the queen seemed very unwilling to accede to their views.

To show I do not forget which, I 'll accede to his present request, always provided that he is equal to it.

The General would not accede to these demands, but promised that any loss they suffered should be made good to them.

Let us have a few more words before we accede to the necessity of anything so sudden.

He wished he could accede to every one of his requests, but he had to consider Parliament; he was not master himself.