Accelerates [verb]

Definition of Accelerates:

increase speed, timing

Synonyms of Accelerates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accelerates:

Sentence/Example of Accelerates:

Draining accelerates the disintegration of the mineral matters in the soil, by admitting water and oxygen to keep up the process.

The dung, by a kind of fermentation, accelerates the oxidizement, and hence crude oil is preferable to pure.

The heat given to the dung-bath accelerates this combination, and determines an insoluble and perfectly inert coagulum.

The light brings about or accelerates a chemical reaction which follows the Bunsen-Roscoe law.

If the board is going fast enough, the wave accelerates it, and the board begins its quarter-of-a-mile slide.

Also a new force—plucking—is called into action when ice is present, and this greatly accelerates the rate of erosion.

Corruption in the community, as well as in the natural body, accelerates vital existence.

As soon as it arrives among scenes partially familiar to it, it ceases to climb grass-blades or weeds, and accelerates its pace.

Not one of these tribes has ever been ennobled by civilization; it rather accelerates their extinction.

It is called a linear accelerator because it accelerates particles in a straight line.