Accelerating [verb]

Definition of Accelerating:

increase speed, timing

Synonyms of Accelerating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accelerating:

Sentence/Example of Accelerating:

She saw in this fortunate meeting with Michael a means only of accelerating her journey to her father.

The first railroad on the continent was constructed for the purpose of accelerating the erection of this monument.

Hollister's profits were accelerating, the fruit of an insatiable market, of inflated prices.

They were high above the ground now, accelerating with a force of one gravity.

Since then this real danger has gone on increasing at an ever accelerating ratio.

When Boswell speaks of Johnson's "accelerating her pulsation," she adds, "he checked it often enough, to be sure."

The ship was accelerating again, and dropping so rapidly I couldn't follow the revolutions counter.

It progressed according to a law in social physics which we may call the "law of accelerating issue and depreciation."

Accelerating their pace, the two gaily descended the stairs.

The Star of Empire was moving westward at an accelerating speed.