Accelerations [noun]

Definition of Accelerations:

increasing speed, timing

Synonyms of Accelerations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accelerations:

Sentence/Example of Accelerations:

Companies are finding new ways to do business, and in the process we’re seeing an acceleration of technologies that, though they were already in the pipeline, would have taken several more years to really pick up speed.

There’s huge swaths of our society that will be completely left behind by the acceleration of these technological trends.

The acceleration of digitization, the re-thinking of offices, the increasing involvement of stakeholders on issues like safety and diversity, have created a greater need and desire by executives to convene and share ideas and best practices.

If you want powerful, fast acceleration from a dead stop to get up to speed in traffic or with heavy loads, a Class 2 throttle-assist bike with a motor that has a max torque of 60 Newton-meters or higher might be the right approach.

Meanwhile, direct-to-consumer sales are up 1,400 percent from the same time last year, a surge Wolfe Pereira attributes to “the acceleration of e-commerce.”

Like with all coronavirus-driven trends, this has been an acceleration rather than a change maker, said Richard Barker, managing director at M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment.

Crises lead to accelerations, and this is best chance ever for online learning,’ said Sebastian Thrun, a co-founder and chairman of Udacity.

I lay there, the increasing acceleration pressing me hard against the cool metal.

On a curved bridge the centrifugal load due to the radical acceleration of the train.

The function of this plunger is to provide a resistance in addition to that of the air valve spring to assist in acceleration.