Accelerators [noun]

Definition of Accelerators:

machine for giving charged particles high velocity

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Sentence/Example of Accelerators:

The publisher uses existing affiliate conversion data from its commerce content to establish sales benchmarks, then looks to use the accelerator to drive incremental gains.

In March, the fundraising environment for direct-to-consumer startups was “downright frozen,” as Michael Duda, managing partner at hybrid accelerator agency and venture capital fund Bullish, put it.

One local games studio said it gave up hosting seasonal in-game events, which can be a big revenue accelerator, because Apple didn’t respond to their update review request for more than a month.

Facebook reveals early results from its subscription-focused local news accelerator

Still, the new result edges closer to the Planck regime than experiments at the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, Bojowald says.

Almost unconsciously he lifted his foot from the accelerator and pressed down the brake.

Morey cut into a Northbound traffic level, moved into the high-speed lane, and eased in on the accelerator.

A loud shout from behind only brought Richard's foot down upon the accelerator.

Then they dashed around the corner, and Richard, turning on the lights, jammed down his accelerator.

The barrier gate began to swing inwards and Kerk jammed down on the accelerator.