Accents [noun]

Definition of Accents:

importance, emphasis

Synonyms of Accents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accents:

Sentence/Example of Accents:

It really felt like doing an accent even though we’re both Australian.

These accents tend to be the standard form of the language, so, these are usually the pronunciations you hear from mass media, government, business, education … from the dominant social group.

Its founder, Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt, knew first-hand that there were women in high-flying corporate jobs who needed meticulously-tailored outfits that had colors and accents reflecting a beautiful heritage.

According to one LinkedIn job-listing, a “neutral accent is a must” for the position of sales executive for a cloud services company in San Jose, California, known as Zymr.

None of these companies have a definition of what “neutral accents” mean.

I was in high school when I realized that I spoke with an accent.

In 2017, one article found that a search for “neutral accents” resulted in 57 job listings on LinkedIn in the United States.

And all over the world each language would be taught with the same accent and quantities and idioms—a very desirable thing indeed.

The baron's pallid face looked more bloodless, his accent was fiercer, and his countenance more ruffianly as he uttered all this.

As Ted suspected, the stranger was of Northern birth, which showed itself in his accent and cold, proud bearing.