Accentuated [verb]

Definition of Accentuated:

focus attention on

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Sentence/Example of Accentuated:

In its simplest and most common form, equalization on headphones is usually employed to accentuate low frequencies in music, enhancing bass and drums and opening up a more immersive and visceral listening experience for users.

That pressure to be visible at all times that’s been accentuated over the last nine months has created an unhealthy culture in some companies.

When the first lockdown came, that was all accentuated with people falling ill.

From there, she applied the Neo Nude A-Highlight in 10 to accentuate the high-points of Henson’s face.

On the lips, was a striking burgundy that further accentuated Davis’s pout and made the overall look that much more awe-worthy.

The actual ending is not bad, but why those accentuated chords in the very last bars?

This effect has no doubt been accentuated in the subsequent photographic processes.

The former at least has been accentuated since yesterday, when your likeness to Hi struck me very painfully.

It also accentuated the position of many of the camps, centres of population, and strategic posts.

Finally, this town has the grand, solemn air of an old capital, accentuated by a great river.