Accentuates [verb]

Definition of Accentuates:

focus attention on

Synonyms of Accentuates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accentuates:


Sentence/Example of Accentuates:

The low, almost feminine, voice sharply accentuates the cadaver-like face and figure.

The regular tolling of the gong, calling to toil or meals, accentuates the enervating routine.

If loosely held, the saw is bound to sag from side to side during the stroke, and a short stroke accentuates the lateral movement.

He carefully weighs every word, and accentuates his thought with long pauses, and decided touches upon the words.

An attitude accentuates a condition or feeling by prolonging its pantomimic suggestion.

True art always accentuates both order and play, not in antagonistic opposition, but in sympathetic union.

It is delicately hollowed at the nape, where a little silver chain accentuates the gentle curve.

Above the sideboard a circular, concave mirror of elaborate eighteenth century type accentuates the period furnishing of the room.

Each pillar is encircled by eight shafts—an arrangement that accentuates its loftiness.

It is a dismal park of concentrated griefs where each mourner accentuates the emotional distress of all others.